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The Spirit Dining Cards is a WIN-WIN situation for your fundraising ideas, the Merchant sponsor, and the cardholders.
About Us

What is a Spirit Dining Card?

Our "Spirit Card" is unlike any other Discount Card. Most Discount Cards feature 8 to 16 restaurants in your area which offer discounts to cardholders. However, our "Spirit Cards" give you access to all of our participating restaurants. Having one of our Spirit Dining Cards in your wallet is like carrying 100's of coupons in your pocket worth thousands of dollars in savings. Our Cards are good for an entire 12 months with unlimited usage.

How the savings works

Because we do not charge our sponsors any fees or require them to pay any monthly dues they pass on the savings through their discounts. The discounts you receive will range from $3.00 -$10.00 per restaurant. It most cases your average savings is $5.00 or greater. By using our card only 3 times a week for an entire year (Average Savings of $5) you'll easily save over $700 in savings.

Circle of Giving

Spirit Dining believes that the circle of giving is our secret to success. We give local restaurants a chance to be part of one of the best fundraiser at no cost (giving begins). The restaurant then gives us a discount that is in most cases better than the one they pay to advertise. Finally the gift of savings is passed on to you. And by purchasing one of our Spirit Dining Cards you are also giving to the organization that sold you the card. Spirit Dining is built on the principal of giving. We honor this way of thinking by giving 80% of all proceeds earned back to the organization that sold you the card. We don’t know of even one fundraising company that gives that much back. And when a card is purchased online you get to choose and organization of your choice to donate 50% of the proceeds to.

Being part of the solution

Schools and other local organizations have never needed money more now than they do now. Due to many budget cuts funding for sports, art, and even music have been reduced or taken completely away. Spirit Dining believes these activities are vital to the development of our youth. We offer a genuine solution that can help supplement the loss of funding. Spirit Dining takes great pride in knowing that with the combined efforts of our Sponsors we are part of the solution. Our ethos is simple " Supporting Schools, Community, and Spirit"